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Internet Cafes or Internet Cafe Sweepstakes centers and Adult Arcades that offer skill based games are becoming one of the most popular pastimes for many retired and working folks across the country.

Some states have started to clarify their positions on gaming and have sought to eliminate these types of establishments in favor of big casinos and lotteries.  As a result, some have been forced to close due to the risk of legal action by state and local authorities. View our news link for more information regarding possible shutdowns or action being taken against operators of cafes.

Sweepstakes are legal in most states that have not re-written their laws to specifically target this business model.  In some cases, operators are moving to the web to deliver games to customers without the hassle of the local governments that could change their minds and target these types of businesses.

iCafe News has observed that play at home or [email protected] sweepstakes are beginning to offer the same fun and excitement as your favorite local sweepstakes parlor and game room.  We recommend that you check out the links of businesses highlighted on our site and join the fun.

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